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Like the majority of Windows Mobile users, I spend most of the workday sitting at a desk with my Pocket PC docked and synchronized with my PC. I regularly look up information on my Windows Mobile device . However, I find that switching between my laptop's full-sized keyboard and my Pocket PC's tiny little stylus to be a bit awkward. The obvious truth is that it's much easier to use the computer's keyboard and mouse!
The solution to my problem is Pocket Controller Professional, from SOTI (http://www.soti.net). Pocket Controller is a "host-client" application that installs on both your PC and Windows Mobile device. Once installed and activated, you can open applications and control your Pocket PC using the PC's keyboard and mouse, and view the Pocket PC's screen from a window on your PC's display. You can even configure Pocket Controller to mimic hardware buttons, and can create scripts to automate tasks on your handheld. Pocket Controller also allows you to capture screenshots of your Pocket PC's display and frame them in skins resembling your device, as well as create video recordings
Trial version is a time limited version which includes all the features of the licensed version. If you like the program you should navigate to the developer's site (www.soti.net) and buy the newer version, as this one is no longer available for purchase.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Can control PPC and applications
  • Captures video or images from PPC screen


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